Mithila, is a Chartered Engineer, in the field of Electrical & Electronics Engineering and has over 25 years of experience working in the Telecommunication and Broadcast and Software Industries.

Having Graduated in 1992, Mithila’s exposure in to varied fields including, Data Communication Services, Fixed and Mobile Telephony Services, Wireless Technology Solutions and Software Engineering at Management, C -Level positions has provided him with a well-rounded background in Corporate Management.

He is a Co Founder at the SNIPEXX Sales and Service Academy and Upwrite Consulting where he drives an agenda of innovation and disruption

Mithila is an avid reader / follower and promoter of entrepreneurship and has always looked for ways to expand the Sri Lankan frame of reference. He has engaged in many projects and continues to foster more projects, in areas that opens Sri Lanka’s eyes to world at large and to see possibilities presented outside of our island nation. A strong believer in the capability, capacity and talent of Sri Lankans, Mithila strongly believes that, in order for this small country to make it’s mark in the world, we need to promote freedom of thinking ( free of social and religious and cultural boundaries).

While Travel, Adventure Sports are Mithila’s favourite past times, he spends a great deal of time cycling and has in Cycled around Sri Lanka for charities, completed several endurance rides which has given him a different view of Sri Lanka. He is looking for greater challenges and has his sights set on activities which will take the current level of challenges several notches higher.