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Channelling the intuition developed over decades in various industries into a single process designed to understand what drives the modern consumer in a space that’s constantly shifting. Introducing new dimensions to the traditions of marketing, adopting innovative tools of engagement , presenting independent perspectives, we become a third-eye for our clients.

Robert Smith

CEO & Founder Techno

Our journey began with the written word, when UWC was UpWrite ,a content writing platform that collaborated with writers around the country.. The journey has been long, fulfilling and ever promising.

Today, we are UWC; A full service marketing agency working with a broad network of creators, thinkers and strategists, and helping our clients with all things marketing.

Our team works around the clock, consulting,planning, strategizing on better ways to grow a business. We create, build and help brands launch and grow. Disrupting the digital space, embracing the chaos, we experiment and we innovate. When things get overwhelming, we send out troops to help businesses in their various operations.

Communication is our forte and building businesses is our passion. Education to International Trading, we’ve journeyed with them all and look forward to doing more.
We ensure an enriching change management experience in fulfilling growth of your business as your Third Eye Catalysts.

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