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Most of our interactions as a community have now migrated to digital platforms which we access for both entertainment and information. UWC offers end-to-end digital marketing services that encompass planning, research, content development, influencer engagement, and execution among a myriad of additional activities. We do not shy away from working with client-preferred marketers and creators providing clients with much appreciated flexibility and convenience when executing long-term campaigns.

Content development for Digital Platforms

We specialise in creating relevant and interactive content customised to various platforms to direct traffic and generate positive leads for our clients. These include infographics, videos, blogs, social media posts, and digital advertising material.

Digital Advertising and Execution

In today’s digital marketplace, organisations are not simply expected to maintain a digital presence but to invest in building a far-reaching digital footprint. Our digital execution arm is a purpose-built group that brings together data geeks, technology wizards, and digital marketing mavericks to work seamlessly from design to execution of your bespoke digital campaign. Our expertise is in integrating digital channels into more conventional marketing portfolios and giving true value to your ad-spend. We power these disruptive advertising campaigns through provocative thinking and transformative insights that in turn ensure tangible outcomes for your investment.