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360° Campaign Conceptualization and Execution

Standing out in a cluttered environment with a noticeably short viewer attention span makes advertising a challenging task. In line with the strategic objectives of the organisation, UWC together with the client will engage in the conceptualising, developing, planning and executing the communications campaign in order to achieve the said objectives. Be it a fresh launch, a rebranding exercise, the launching of a new product or a service, or acquiring new customers or new segments, UWC manages the end-to-end delivery that includes the designing, production, media, scheduling, and publishing aspects of the communications process.

There is little argument for the effectiveness and response rates of advertisements being content-critical. Our specialty is to design what it requires to ‘ignite the action it calls for’, ‘establish the perception it’s attempting to generate’, or ‘the memory that is to be created’. We focus on coming through in as few words as possible. We guarantee you that those few words we write will not just give you a second glance, but much more.