Consultancy - UWC

Marketing Consultancy

Our role in marketing consultancy is to evaluate an organisation’s current marketing efforts and propose changes that will help the organisation achieve its strategic and operational goals in the vertices of marketing. The process will also evaluate the marketing strategy and rate it against the success it has currently had. These results will ensure that we work together to increase a pre-desired target that is both attainable and sustainable in a short, medium, and long-term goal. The process will include proposing changes to an existing marketing plan or developing a plan anew, planning marketing campaigns, working on best practices, employee training, and realigning workflows to achieve the best methods to reach consumers. Within the sectors of specialisation, we provide concept to delivery solutions in specialised areas such as Higher Education, Hospitality, and Technology.

HR and Admin Consultancy

We will help organisations reevaluate their HR and Administration functionality to ensure that these two areas are well organised and aligned to corporate objectives to support the organisation’s business needs. We use our experience to create an organisational change management process where the current process will be evaluated against the desired needs. We will then focus on whether the Client has the necessary talent with the capability to achieve the expected business goals.

Organisational Change Management Consultancy

Our experience in working with diverse organisations in diverse industries and restructuring organisations to align them with the strategic objectives of the organisation, have instilled in us a unique blend of skills and expertise to help you realign the various functions of your organisation to better face the challenges of the ever-evolving corporate landscape. Our Services are based on the premise that our continued support is a vital component in traversing the usual minefield of change management. We focus directly on the leadership, the programme, and the teams in delivering our services. We will focus on the key change structures, specifically strategic transformation change, people-centric organisational change, and structural and remedial change. We believe that to retain a competitive edge, change encourages innovation, skill development leading to better business opportunities and an increase in employee development and morale.

Digitalization Consultancy

The need to Digitise is a buzzword and banner most organisations display with pride. However, the effectiveness of the implementation in many organisations lacks the enthusiasm displayed. The choices made, the implementation plans, the realignment of processes, and most importantly effectiveness KPIs require a painstaking plan which UPWRITE delivers to customers. Our Strength in understanding real-world problems and manageable transitions plays a key role in our services