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  • Project Name: Brand respositioning and 360 degree campaign
  • Category : Higher Education Marketing
  • Client: BCI Campus
  • Status: Completed
  • Services: Camapaign planning and execution, Student Enrollment, Content Development, Digital Marketing, Branding, Events and Activations, PR , Call Centre, Media Buying and Advertising

Brand respositioning and 360 degree campaign

Executing and Managing the institutional transition from an Academy to a fully fledged Campus, whilst undertaking a 360-degree strategic marketing engagement, including marketing operations, student counselling and enrollment processes

Key Challenges

Repositioning an already established institutional identity and inducting a drastic change to its brand perception, is in itself an arduous task. Institutional Image and Brand elevation from a perceivably lower level to that of a higher plateau is even more challenging. Since its inception, it has been an institute that offered short programs in the fields of IT and the English language and was a tuition centre for programs offered by professional bodies. Now it’s launching its first-ever undergraduate degree programs. Thus the institution itself had no experience, exposure, and functional structures that suit a degree-awarding university. Our task was to elevate the corporate and brand identity of the Institute to a Campus.

Strategic Approach

  • By introducing visible changes to the brand logos, attract attention and create awareness of the elevated status of a fully-fledged, degree-awarding university
  • Implement an integrated marketing communications plan, that combines conventional ATL and BTL tools, and with an impactful digital-heavy communications tactical approach
  • After an initial thrust on corporate image building and brand building, aligned all communications towards enrollments, and drove a successful intake
  • Designed, developed, planned, and Introduced all internal processes and support structures in facilitating efficient inquiry handling, student counselling and enrollment processes
  • Guided all Outreach activities, other events, and activations that lead to a successful student intake.